giovedì 24 aprile 2008

concerto OLIVETREEDANCE no Domus

Dia 25 de Abril às 23:00 horas

"Olivetree" is music poetry for the earth! It invites to explore spirituality through movement and pays homage to dancemusic produced only with real acoustic instruments. - Is a simple idea of complex rhythmic games. The geniality of this sound, highly energetic, is played using only a regular set of drums, percussions and didgeridoo, the aborigene instrument of Australia, or ..Yidaki.. wich opens the doors of the "Dreamtime" and connects us to the big spirit. Using just real instruments with an astonishing capacity, without any effect, sample or overdub, "Olivetree" is a trio with strong live energy, that plays a fusion of latin and afro brasilian styles full of ancient sounds with contemporary rhythms of tecnoland which creates a vibrating and fresh organic dancemusic, featured by irregular tempos and tasty grooves.

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